Tunnel Top Park is a local grassroots initiative of residents in the Potrero-Dogpatch Neighborhoods. Situated above the southern portal of the Caltrain tunnel, the site slopes steeply to the north and opens onto spectacular vistas towards the Portola and Bayview neighborhoods. For many years, this remnant piece of land was treated as an informal dumping ground. In July of 2014, the Tunnel Top Steering Committee began transforming the site into a community-serving open space surrounded by habitat gardens. 

The Tunnel Top Steering Committee received a series of funds from the San Francisco Community Challenge Grant Program to initiate conceptual site planning, and installation projects such as paving paths, an overlook, an enclosed dog run and a plaza. Maintenance projects  and Programming are funded via direct donations from neighbors, community organizations and park users.

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Angel Garcia

Brandon Grimaldi

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Olivia Simpson

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