Tunnel Top Park, serving both Potrero Hill and Dogpatch is located on the corner of 25th Street and Pennsylvania Ave.  Tunnel Top Park is a volunteer driven community greening project, focused on transforming a once vacant lot into a vibrant green space.  

Sitting atop a working CalTrain tunnel and spanning an area of roughly 30,000 sq ft, the varied terrain offers unique environments. The upper 25th St. hillside is being transformed into a circular seating area/reflection space surrounded by a drought tolerant garden of both California  native and non native plants and shrubs. The upper hillside winds down to a 5000 sq ft. flat area called Tunnel Top Square -  a flex space that will be surrounded on one side by a wetland garden.  The square will be activated into a community gathering space for events, workshops, and recreational activities.  Existing train tunnel walls will be home to train themed murals, and preexisting 3 foot walls surrounding the square will be transformed into seating areas.  The southern flat area will be home to a dog run and community garden. 

CalTrain holds the lease to the lot and San Francisco Parks Alliance is our acting fiscal sponsor.  Funding comes through grants, donations from individuals and community minded businesses, as well as in-kind donations.  All of this is being accomplished by hundreds of volunteer hours and active community support!

Park Location
1100 Pennsylvania Avenue,

San Francisco, CA 94107



Steering Committee

Bonnie Bergeron

Richard Opteynde
Angel Garcia

Lalitha Bardalaye

Celia Lawren